Graduating Students

I am privileged to be an English Specialist in our school. Our graduating students are excited to become teachers. They did their best and there are 45 of them. Each one is unique and displayed a very good performance during their final demonstration teaching. I am happy to see them grow. I’m also glad to be a part of their journey toward success. God knows what lies ahead of us and He knows and holds our future.

Wedding Anniversary – A Celebration

Weddings are everywhere during Christmas season. Last December 23 was our 24th Wedding Anniversary and my sister’s wedding. It was a memorable day for all of us. God has honored our prayers. Though it had storms for the whole week but God allowed us to enjoy the day without drizzles of raindrops. Indeed, God allowed us to experience HIS goodness during the time when we really need help. He answers the petitions of HIS children and by faith we claimed it and God is always good and faithful.

It’s Christmas Time

It’s another Christmas celebration for everyone. We celebrate! We dine together! We met old friends! And we treasure the moments! It’s something that we desire during this season of the year. Celebrations here and there, eating now and then… I’m blessed to have my family to be with. My hubby has been there through thick and thin. My kiddos have already grown ups and we enjoyed every step of the way seeing them grow and learn.

This season of the year is a great time for our family. My sister working in a cruise ship will be getting married to a Macedonian. She met in the same cruise ship she had been working. We will celebrate of God’s goodness and faithfulness all throughout the years. I do believe, we were blessed because of our Tatay who had been praying for us and our family. Now we reap the harvest, we struggled but gained something because of the prayers of our forefathers. And wee keep on praying what Tatay had started and we celebrate and thank God for all the blessings flow!

The Place to Stay

In this world that is filled with fast pace movement of technology and develop by new advancement of society in different aspects, for sure, everyone would love to have some time to relax in which nature is primarily involved. Everyone starves to inhale the scent of fresh air, watch a picture-perfect view, and a day to isolate oneself from the polluted and besmirched locale. In some ways, it was always been a goal to find a refuge wherein we could have all the chances to unlock the things that bother us, and have an intimate touch with God’s wonderful creation.

Once, I have encountered a peculiar spot. A place that is just a farther drive to Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC), and a little farther from Kipot Twin Falls, you are entering an exquisite destination. Feel the breeze of the air as the leaves are freely falling and hear the symphony of the rushing water. The place is filled with healthy-growing green trees, shrubs and various plants all over. Wanna know this place? Well, this is in Sitio Pataan, in its resort situated at Brgy. Mailum, Bago City. The said place is just along the road after you pass Buenos Aires and Kipot Twin Falls. It is said that a retired police bought the resort in the year 1998. Many people were interested in relevance to the resort’s expansion, yet the owner did not take any of them, instead, they depend on the family’s effort who gave contribution to the growth of the place from a humble bahay bakasyunan to a resort ready to accommodate travelers from other places. Now, with one of the Negros protuberant families, the mountain resort has been continuously functioning for more than 10 years. A great place indeed!

Keep on Track

Keep on track is something to think about. God is in control and He knows everything. He is supernatural, a marvelous and awesome God. You can’t help but thank Him for all things even our lives, resources and all the blessings we received everyday. Keeping on track would mean keeping in constant connection with Him who justified us and made us His own. He is our God who reigns forevermore and we need to do things right not for us but for Him who died for us. God is always good and faithful.


I felt like I was cheated and it hurts to the deepest part of my being. It’s something that I could not escape. But I need to be strong and ask the Lord to give me the strength that I need every step of the way. I don’t know why is this happening to me? Why do I need to suffer like this? Somehow… something in my future God will carry me through.

It’s more than a year now and it is still continuing to strike me straight to the heart. Why do I love thee that much? Why not leave and become what others can do? Why me Lord? Why? Feelings….

The Gathering of Friends

We were able to meet with some friends in one of the malls and we enjoyed the company. It’s a birthday celebration and we went to a nearby mall and dine. It’s actually a gathering of friends in the college where we worked few years ago and we are still enjoying to meet together and when there is a chance we gather and just laugh out loud and be with ourselves. Thank God for friends here and there.