Wedding Anniversary – A Celebration

Weddings are everywhere during Christmas season. Last December 23 was our 24th Wedding Anniversary and my sister’s wedding. It was a memorable day for all of us. God has honored our prayers. Though it had storms for the whole week but God allowed us to enjoy the day without drizzles of raindrops. Indeed, God allowed us to experience HIS goodness during the time when we really need help. He answers the petitions of HIS children and by faith we claimed it and God is always good and faithful.

It’s Christmas Time

It’s another Christmas celebration for everyone. We celebrate! We dine together! We met old friends! And we treasure the moments! It’s something that we desire during this season of the year. Celebrations here and there, eating now and then… I’m blessed to have my family to be with. My hubby has been there through thick and thin. My kiddos have already grown ups and we enjoyed every step of the way seeing them grow and learn.

This season of the year is a great time for our family. My sister working in a cruise ship will be getting married to a Macedonian. She met in the same cruise ship she had been working. We will celebrate of God’s goodness and faithfulness all throughout the years. I do believe, we were blessed because of our Tatay who had been praying for us and our family. Now we reap the harvest, we struggled but gained something because of the prayers of our forefathers. And wee keep on praying what Tatay had started and we celebrate and thank God for all the blessings flow!