The Struggles Within

Feeling sad is what I feel these months, many times I felt sad. But I believe the Lord is there with me, thank you Lord for all the blessings. Though the pain is heavy, God is heavier than all of these struggles. Thank God for strength and putting a smile on my face amidst all these trials along way. The Lord is putting in my heart that I don’t need to trust people but for HIM and HIM alone.

Guitar Playing

Our youngest son is now enjoying his new found skill in playing guitar. His father and I would like to give him a special gift for that purpose. We had been checking some of the online stores and we found one here at We are waiting for the right time to buy and give for him. It might be on special occasions where he will be glad to receive it. It will be soon.

My Birthday Wish

Last Sunday was my birthday and I was glad seeing a lot of friends giving me their greetings and glad to be my friends. I have a lot of desires to ask of the Lord. The Lord sees my heart and I know he knows everything that I have asked for. But one thing for sure, He knows what’s best for me and for my family. Thank you Lord for being there for me all throughout the years.

My Desired Turntable

I really desired a turntable for my music ministry. It is something that will make everything settled in one place. This will also be helpful for our son AJ while doing his developed skill in playing guitar.

On the other hand, our church needs this as well. The music ministry usually led people to a higher level of worship and we need this kind of equipment to achieve it. Somehow acquiring one would be a blessing to the people who will be coming every Sunday and other days when they come and join the ministry.

Chinese New Year

It’s another year for Chinese community and they celebrated it since Friday until today here in our city. Hubby and I had been there yesterday looking at the activities and they still continue to celebrate until this evening. Everyone seems enjoying and making fun and taking pictures of all the lights during night time with all the shades of Chinese designs and some are just enjoying their day with the music. Somehow music has been a part of the people who would like to enjoy during this kind of celebrations.